On Tuesday evening, we launched Third Rail International's Global Performance Studio from Saint Petersburg, Russia as we discussed site-specific and immersive theater and announced the newest collaboration between Third Rail Projects and CEC Artslink. In this short excerpt from the program, Susan Katz of CEC Artslink and Tom Pearson of Third Rail Projects discuss past collaborations between their two organizations: Bathing Aiperi, an immersive work with local artists in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in 2013; Fountain with local artists in Almaty, Kazakhstan for Artbat Fest 2013; and Recess, a work made in collaboration with local Russian artists in Saint Petersburg for the Art Prospekt Festival in 2014; as well as the latest work, As Time Goes By, for the Time Cafe at Ziferburg here in St. Petersburg this March.

Special thanks to the Museum of Russian Ethnography for hosting the discussion.

– Tom Pearson (Saint Petersburg, Russia)