Back Apartment Residency
& Art Prospekt Festival

St. Petersburg, Russia – August–September, 2018

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Tom Pearson (Co-Artistic Director of Third Rail Projects and Global Performance Studio Director) and Marissa Nielsen-Pincus (Associate Artistic Director of Third Rail Projects) are the recipients of Back Apartment Residency Fellowships from CEC Artslink to collaborate with local Russian artists in Saint Petersburg, Russia in August and September, and the Global Performance Studio is again in St. Petersburg to create and showcase new work in the 2018 Art Prospect Festival.

LibrarÍa: The Night Garden

by Third Rail Projects | Global Performance Studio

Project directed by Tom Pearson

Created in collaboration with: Daria Karpova, Anastasia Nesterova, Marissa Nielsen-Pincus, and Renata Zhigulina
And featuring: Marta Luné and Maxim Mityashin

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Libraría is a project that pops up around the world, one that maps the geographical location and colloquial unconscious through the dreams of local participants. Each “branch” of the library consists of a blend of digital and analog experiences, stories given by our truest, most original selves in sleep, and assembled through art installation, film, poetry, performance, and an overall experience design that allows audiences to engage directly with the artwork. The first branch of Libraría premiered in Saint Petersburg, Russia at the 2018 CEC Artslink Art Prospect Festival.

Third Rail Projects Global Performance Studio and CEC Artslink Art Prospect Festival 2018 "Food for Thought"

CEC Artslink Art Prospekt Festival presents
Libraría: The Night Garden
Nourishment from the nightly cinema – a harvest of ideas, images, and instructions for the dream feast.

Libraría: The Night Garden, in Saint Petersburg, focused on film and augmented reality. All films were shot exclusively on iPhone for display as a series of hyperphoto images which formed a mosaic along the length of a public wall. Each photo was a portal, a dynamic link using augmented reality technology which could be viewed on smart phones via the free LifePrint app. When a visitor opened the app and placed their phone over a photo, the photo became a moving image – and each moving image, a link in a chain of abstract narrative.

NOTE: If you are attending the live event at Art Prospect Festival, it is highly recommended that you have a reliable mobile/wifi connection and that you download the LifePrint app in advance in order to view the hyperphotos. The full films will screen via projection on site as well. | |

Behind The Scenes

Still Frames

Augmented Reality Demonstration

Film Excerpt (Silent)

Installation Photos & Video

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Presentation on Immersive Theater and Experience Design

September 5, 2018
Saint Petersburg, Russia
New Stage Alexandrinsky Theater

Tom Pearson & Collaborators

Participation is FREE, but REGISTRATION is necessary.


Art Prospect Festival

September 20–23, 2018
September 5, 2018
Saint Petersburg, Russia

CEC Artslink Art Prospect Festival presents Libraría: The Night Garden

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Credits & Support

Libraría: The Night Garden is a project of the Global Performance Studio, Third Rail Projects' international program for cultural listening and exchange. Fellowships for Tom Pearson and Marissa Nielsen-Pincus in Saint Petersburg, Russia are made possible by CEC ArtsLink Back Apartment Residency Program. The premiere of Libraría: The Night Garden is presented by CEC ArtsLink's Art Prospect Festival, and rehearsal studio space made possible by Show Consulting School and generously provided by the New Stage Alexandrinsky Theatre. Libraría: The Night Garden is also made possible by Third Rail Projects through individual donor support.

Special Thanks: Jane Lombard, Susan Katz, Yana Pitenko, Dimitri Konovalov, Judy Gluckstern, Kyle Fisher, Stephanie and Ronald Kramer, and Peter Trevisani.

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Selected images/films will also be shared in short episodes on GPS's Instagram feed in the coming weeks, and the full 25-minute film short will premiere in subsequent formats at later dates.

More About Art Prospect

Art Prospect brings together arts organizations, artists, curators, and urbanists to challenge standard notions of public space, nationality and culture and demonstrate how artistic and social practices can stimulate community engagement and positive change. Art Prospect facilitates international exchange and collaboration between arts communities through network building, international public art festivals, residencies, workshops, and seminars. The project grew out of CEC ArtsLink’s five years of experience conducting St. Petersburg’s only annual public art event, the Art Prospect Festival.

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